Zoom and Scan 100 Billion Pixels Virtual Map: The “Ghent Altarpiece”

Posted: 2012/10/04 in Art History Trivia, Virtual Maps of Masterpieces

THE GHENT ALTARPIECE: Was briefly talking about this world famous polyptych masterpiece last night at our first boot camp. Turns out it is being restored, and there is a website with a remarkable zooming technology linking thousands of high resolution virtual images (see link). Also the “Getty Center” is having a lecture about this website and restoration process October 4th. Notice the “Deity Enthroned” is an early representation of the God; although not the first. Virgin Mary (left), Deity Enthroned (center), John the Baptist (left). Painting was started by Hubert van Eyck, who died during the project and was completed by his younger brother Jan Van Eyck in 1432. Work located at Saint Bavo Cathedral, Flanders. Explore Virtual Website for The Ghent Altarpiece, zoom on each image.

SEE VIRTUAL ALTARPIECE: http://closertovaneyck.kikirpa.be/


“The website features overall photographs of the polyptych—panel painting divided into scenes—in its opened and closed positions. From there users can zoom in on the details of individual panels of the altarpiece, down to a microscopic level. Scrolling and zooming features are guided by a thumbnail image to indicate the location and size of the detail on the altarpiece. Users also are able to open two windows simultaneously to compare any two images from the site, enabling viewers to interactively study the Ghent Altarpiece and the artists’ techniques in ways that have never before been possible. More images will be added as the actual conservation of the work—a separate project—progresses.” – Getty Center website | Copyright 2012


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