Rembrandt and the “Fire of an Idea.”

Posted: 2013/02/25 in Art Historians, Art History Trivia, Documentaries, Just for Fun, Uncategorized

Go on a journey of Rembrandt van Rijn’s 17th century Amsterdam and the vulnerable emotions and sumptuous brushstrokes that defined the Dutch Golden Age of painting.

YouTube Press Release: “Considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art history and the most important in Dutch history. His contributions to art came in a period that historians call the Dutch Golden Age. Rembrandt’s success in his early years was as a portrait painter to the rich denizens of Amsterdam at a time when the city was being transformed from a small nondescript port into the economic capital of the world. His historical and religious paintings also gave him wide acclaim. Despite being known as a portrait painter Rembrandt used his talent to push the boundaries of painting. This direction made him unpopular in the later years of his career as he shifted from being the talk of the town to becoming adrift in the Amsterdam art scene and criticised by his peers.”

Wikipedia article:

Play Video: The Power of Art Rembrandt van Rijn


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