About Boot Camp

Have a passion for art? Learn how tools and technology, social dynamics, and new modes of thinking impact cultures of innovation throughout western history since the Italian Renaissance to the end of the 19th century. Ready to make a change – be part of a challenging group environment? Get a serious mind/soul workout combining assigned readings from the beautifully written encyclopedic “Art Through the Ages” with critiques, writing or art projects, and the “Art History Challenge.” Online resources, videos, talks, pod-casts, will be assigned with occasional tests. Occasional field study and group trips will be offered at participant’s own expense.

Readings are mandatory. You can borrow or purchase an older edition. This is not a college art history class where grades are issued; although scoring will be used to test progress on some exercises  For last few classes, participants may check out current “Art Through The Ages” book from their local library. I will be using the 8th edition. Individual projects and assignments will vary, based on participants’ personal interests. There will be a combination of conditioning, strength, and agility exercises for the mind/soul.

Each meeting is $10. Must purchase “Art Through The Ages.” Some art supplies available for purchase, if you chose to do art projects.

  1. Joan says:

    Hi It’s Joan from the Getty museum group. I am not sure I want to rive so far, but I want to be part of the class offline is that possible? Maybe come in for an appearance at some point. Let me know your thoughts. I am in Woodland Hills.

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